“A Magical, Marvelous, Mystical Dream about Light” by Kate McGlynn – Streaming through Zoom

This show was originally created in conjunction with Big Rapids Festival of the Arts, with original projection design and a live stage show.  She used digital photography, and Adobe Creative Suite to edit together seamlessly imagery that coincided with dance and circus arts.  Later on, when the stay at home order happened, she rebuilt the show to be done from her home via the Zoom platform. Though the scale of the show changed a bit, and the content became such that children could talk through the show with their parents about what they were seeing at the same time, it was successful as an interesting change from the usual types of family oriented entertainment with Social Distancing.

Live action interacting with projections
The choreography in this one-woman full hour long production was built around the projections.
The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Dream about Light
Katy BEE performed live with creative movement in performance art piece featuring interactive live projection


These are the results of the stage show.






Here the images reflect the change to be in-house (literally) creating so that families could watch from home. The future plan is to do more interactivity for schools when we return to classes – via Zoom – while social distancing.  Here are images resulting directly from the in-house version of the show:

Using projections, glow juggling equipment, and interactivity the show was successful
All of the Juggling and Hula Hoop equipment was LED and glowed along with the projections.
Dance became live projection
Adding lighting live to the event, meant that dance became another projection element that occurred live along with the pre-recorded projection
Magical Dream of Light show in-house is still very interesting to watch
The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous Dream of Light from Zoom – developed to be streamed live for families.


As you can see the show worked whether or not it was done live on stage or streamed from home!  This was very exciting to create, for sure, and I certainly hope to get more commissions to work with streaming media to create interesting and alternative solutions! For more information or to contact me, email katy@katybeellc.com

or fill out the contact form to request more information.  As my current focus is solely on Virtual events due to the Coronavirus, please consider that I am not currently traveling. However, I would love to help you create alternative solutions for live entertainment. I can customize, build projections and live shows specifically built for streaming.


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