What’s in a Name?

Kate McGlynn proposes that identity, names, branding, characters, and pseudonyms are entirely conceptual projects. Working with acting, personality development, and  ideas such as “Who am I?” bring about some interesting research questions.

Who are you? Who are we?

The context within which we live, and the culture around us can or cannot define who we are. Nature or nurture? That is the question.

Attachment and child development?  Attachment and location development?

Behavior according to culture and norms?

Evolution or Anthropoogy?

Kate McGlynn has created characters and identities such as

Warrior Girl
WarriorGirl McArtstarr
Katy BEE
Dandee Lione
Spy Clown

(among others)
With projects like “Warrior Girl As….” She entitles herself the empowerment to be whomever she chooses at any given time.



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