Introducing Joy First Foundation!

I would like to introduce my newest endeavor! I have started a non-profit called, Joy First Foundation which offers a number of awesome possibilities.

  1. Spontaneous moments of joy – for those in need – your donation enable people to have gifts, fun, play and some coaching spontaneously. That means staff at senior centers, veterans, patients, families, teams, groups and individuals can find themselves in a spontaneous moment having fun, laughing, learning, and being in the moment with the help of the Joy Coach.
  2. Joy Coaching – thanks to life coaching, NLP certificates, and laughter yoga, and applied improvisation and applied and therapeutic humor, I am offering coaching, through Need help getting through a tough moment in time? Need help finding more joy in your life? Contact me. We can make a plan and I’ll help you bring more joy.
  3. The Tour de Joy – This is fun! As I travel in my little trailer, I am stopping at places that may need some fun. That also means senior centers, veterans hospitals, children’s hospitals, and more. Your donation enables me to go in, with the moment already funded by a donor, so the moment can happen without haste.
  4. Popup Joy – At a festival, or happening, I can create a popup station offering joy to random strangers who happen to be passing by!

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