Joy Coaching Available

Do you need a coach, an accountability buddy, or someone to help you move through a slump? I am offering coaching. You can contact me directly by emailing kate (at) or you can find me through

We can discuss anything and my methodologies include:

  1. Spontaneous brainstorming – aka Applied Improvisation – found to help focus, drive, emotions, neuroplasticity, and the ability to solve problems.
  2. Therapeutic Humor – Laughter yoga, and other techniques to help find the lighter side of issues – and work through them. OR simply have a laugh and enjoy the brain chemicals that come from these sessions to help make your way through.
  3. Exercise ideas – I’m experimenting with the joyful side of Yoga. I’m certified in Hatha, Kids, Yin and Kundalini Yoga, and hope to combine these methodologies with some laughter too for a new style of therapeutic movement. I am also circus trained, so hula hooping, juggling, and clown practices are also possible depending upon what you may want.
  4. Get outside! – Need an excuse to get out in nature? I will accompany you with a coaching session out hiking, kayaking, and we will use many methods to help you get over the hump.
  5. Customize your coaching! – I have a number of ways to brainstorm ideas with you to create the best coaching options.
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